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scheduled monthly

saint paul, mn


Did you know most special education teachers don’t feel confident in their ability to meet the demands of the profession until their 4th year of teaching? By that same time, nearly 50% have left special education. For teachers new to the field or transitioning from general education to special education, the learning curve can feel overwhelming. Through a cohort model and 10 targeted sessions, teachers will engage with special education experts and peers to receive practical support and guidance on a variety of topics delivered at the time they need the learning most. Topics include: Understanding the IEP and Evaluation, Lesson Planning, Student Data Collection & Progress Monitoring, Student and Teacher Wellness, Behavior Systems and More! CEUs provided for all hours attended (up to 40+ available).

For pricing information, please contact shannon@creativelyfocused.org.

August 14; 9am-3pm In Person
September 11; 8am-10am Virtual
October 9; 9am-3pm In Person
November 13; 8am-10am Virtual
December 11; 9am-3pm In Person
January 8; 8am-10am Virtual
February 12; 9am-3pm In Person
March 11; 8am-10am Virtual
April 8; 9am-3pm In Person
May 13; 8am-10am Virtual

Paraprofessional Toolkit: Beginner and Advanced Training

August 14 & 21
september 18
october 16
november 20
december 18
january 15
february 19
march 18
april 15
may 20

st. paul, mn

This training fulfills the requirements mandated by the MDE for paraprofessional annual training. A record of completion will be maintained by Creatively Focused and shared with schools following each session.

Paraprofessionals are asked to play many roles in schools, and they are integral to the experience and education of many students. In this session, you will learn strategies on how to support teachers and students as a Paraprofessional/Education Assistant. You will practice communication skills for challenging situations in order to guide and empower students. This session offers differentiated instruction to ensure each person is receiving learning appropriate for their level of experience.

Woodcock-Johnson IV Training: Beginner & Advanced

october 3
december 5
february 12
april 23

st. paul, mn

Beginner: This session is geared toward staff new to or needing a refresher in administering the WJ-IV. During this session, participants will experience direct instruction and hands-on practice administering, scoring and writing up results of the assessment. The session will also allow for individual support or group discussion surrounding current work samples.

Advanced: This session is geared toward staff who feel comfortable administering the WJ-IV, but would like to enhance their skills in interpreting results and using results to better identify the needs of students. During this session, participants will experience direct instruction, scenario work and opportunities to use their own work to grow in their learning.

CPI Training Certification

Creatively Focused is pleased to offer CPI training (initial certification and refresher certification) to all schools receiving Director of Special Education services through Creatively Focused. Training is offered the following dates:

September 19
November 21
January 30
April 16