2019 Collaborative Learning Conference

August 14, 2019

st. catherine’s university
saint paul, mn


Special education paraprofessionals and teachers, as well as school administrators, will enjoy learning and preparing for the year at the Creatively Focused Collaborative Conference. Participants will participate in a creativity activity to tap into their inner creative spirit, be inspired by the stories told by our parent and student speakers, attend sessions specific to their daily work and collaborate with their team members and others who understand the daily demands of being a special educator. Come join our community of learners!

Sessions provided are listed below. While all sessions can be attended by any participants, recommendations are included. Sessions marked with an asterisk* are extended work sessions, which will require participants to bring materials (laptop and/or student data) with them to complete the sessions. Participants can expect to get their individual work questions asked and work completed during these sessions to hit the ground running this Fall!

Audience: Paraprofessionals

  • Toolkit for New to Profession Paraprofessionals: Includes Mandated Annual Training for Paraprofessionals by MDE

  • Toolkit for Experienced Paraprofessionals: Includes Mandated Annual Training for Paraprofessionals by MDE

  • A Day in the Life: What Does It Mean to Be a Paraprofessional?

  • Supporting Students through Understanding Behavior: The Do's and the Don'ts

  • Increasing Independence of Learners

Audience: Special Education Teachers

  • Building Your Daily Service Schedule: How to Make It All Work*

  • Get Organized: Develop Your Data Systems for Efficient Lesson Planning*

  • Guiding the Work of a Paraprofessional

  • Tricky IEP Meetings: What to Do in a Tough Situation

Audience: School Administrators

  • District Representation in IEP Meetings: The Need to Knows

  • Special Education Finance: Impact of SPED Decision-Making

  • Integration of SPED Systems into Whole School Systems: How to Increase Efficiency and Decrease Cost

  • Is This My Job or Not? Supporting and Leading Teams vs. Providing Guidance

Woodcock Johnson IV Academic Achievement Training


glen nelson center,
downtown st. paul, mn

Led by Alyssa Prince, School Psychologist with Creatively Focused, participants will increase their level of confidence and competency in administering the Woodcock-Johnson IV Academic Achievement assessment. Content of the training will include: an overview of the assessment, the purpose of the assessment, demonstrations and practice in administering and scoring individual sections of the assessment, as well as guidance in interpreting results and writing an effective summary for the evaluation report. 

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training

Scheduled on an as-needed basis for member and non-member schools.

With a core philosophy of providing for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of everyone involved in a crisis situation, the program's proven strategies give human service providers and educators the skills to safely respond to various levels of risk behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care. Our Creatively Focused staff will ensure your building staff are prepared to respond safely and appropriately with non-violent crisis prevention techniques. Refresher courses and full training available. Please contact elizabeth@creativelyfocused.org for more information.