Creatively Focused empowers educators with innovative and intentional strategies and skills to do the meaningful and critical work of improving outcomes for students. We offer a variety of trainings to support your staff and tailor our approach to meet the needs of each school we work with. 

Accommodations vs Modifications

Did you know there is a difference between accommodations and modifications? In this session, participants will be able to identify the difference between the two, as well as gain practice in creating appropriate accommodations or modifications for their specific subject area and grade level.

Administrative Training

We are here to support building administrators in feeling confident in their knowledge of special education, as well as their ability to lead a program that aligns with their building-wide goals. Contact Creatively Focused for more information on how we can tailor this session to meet your needs.

Alternatives to Suspension

Special education discipline can be a very challenging topic. Research tells us that suspension is not always the solution. So, what other alternatives are we able to provide when discipline is needed? In this session, we will walk through strategies to use and participants will receive coaching in scenario-based activities.

BIP Writing

Supporting significant student behaviors can be challenging. Learn how to write an effective Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that will increase positive behavior while providing interventions and monitoring around those hard-to-handle behaviors. Participants are encouraged to bring a device.

Classroom Management

Drawing on advice from experts such as Randy Sprick, Eric Jensen, and Jed Baker, the Classroom Management presentation provides educators with helpful frameworks and strategies to manage classrooms effectively in order to maximize learning and practice communication skills for challenging situations in order to guide and empower students.


Is your building ready to use a best practice that improves the learning of ALL students? Let us help you get started by assisting with the development of your co-teaching model. Contact Creatively Focused for more information on how we can tailor this session to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations drive appropriate program decisions for students. This session will focus on how to creative meaningful and compliant evaluation reports and identify supports available through Creatively Focused to make the process easier and more efficient for teachers.

Culturally Sensitive IEP Meetings to Increase Parental Involvement

Understanding cultural backgrounds of families and students is critical in the special education field. The way a facilitator presents information, speaks about disabilities and engages parents should be considered when working with diverse populations. Learn more about what to consider in this session.

Data Collection

Frequent, reliable data collection on IEP goals and objectives is imperative, but how can teachers and case managers keep up? Learn strategies for increasing efficiency on IEP data collection, including the use of paraprofessionals and student self-monitoring. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to this session.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is critical in the special education arena. We are here to teach participants the need to knows of data privacy and how to ensure the practices you are using are also meeting the privacy requirements mandated by law.

Differentiation in the General Education Classroom

Meeting the needs of all learners is a large task! From a student who is just learning to read to a student who is reading high school level material, we are challenged to meet both needs. In this session, participants will learn about a variety of models for differentiation. Opportunities for consultation in the area of differentiation are also available by contacting Creatively Focused for further information.

District Representative Training for Special Education Meetings

Do you have a person with a solid understanding of school resources at the table for each IEP meeting? In this session, we will teach any personnel you designate as a district representative the need to knows of participating in special education meetings, as well as best practices to support your special education staff through these meetings.

Early Childhood Special Education

In order to serve our youngest learners, teachers working in Early Childhood Special Education require special training to address aspects of programming that are unique to this subset of special education. Come learn strategies and skills for working with Early Childhood students and teams!

FBA and BIP Writing

Participants will learn the basics of why, how and when we do a functional behavioral assessment. You will leave with ideas and tools to support student academic IEP goals, facilitate their learning in the general education setting, and differentiate learning activities.

Helping v. Hovering

Students require support, while at the same time, need to learn independence. In this session, participants will identify situations where helping is required, but hovering can often happen, and what to do in those scenarios.

High-Impact Instructional Strategies

This session will focus on high impact instructional strategies that support learning for students at the elementary/secondary level.

How to Write an IEP in 60 Minutes or Less

With at least 16 components, IEPs can seem daunting to draft. Yet there are simple, time-saving solutions educators can use to write a meaningful IEP efficiently. Come learn how to streamline the IEP writing process so you can spend less time writing and more time teaching!

IEP Meeting Facilitation

Meeting facilitation might sound basic, but meetings are our greatest opportunity for collaboration and planning for the way we serve our students. In this session, you will learn how to maximize both your time and team dynamics.

IEP Writing

Your IEP meeting is over. Now what? IEP writing can be both effective and efficient. Learn how to improve your due process paperwork with stronger writing and time-saving techniques.

Improving Team Dynamics

The dynamics of a team make or break the final result. Learn how to support a successful team with strategies for building relationships and conflict resolution. Strategies learned from this session are universal and apply to a variety of teams and relationships.


Neuroscience is the view and mindfulness is the path to reducing suffering and cultivating joy! The benefits of mindfulness support educators and students alike. While mindfulness for staff helps to effectively manage the daily stress of working in education, mindfulness for students cultivates a calm place where they can learn and grow. Come learn strategies to bring peace and calm to your classroom.

Paraprofessional 101 Training: Beginner and Advanced

Paraprofessionals are asked to play many roles in schools, and they are integral to the experience and education of many students. In this differentiated session, you will learn strategies on how to support teachers and students as a Paraprofessional/Education Assistant. You will practice communication skills for challenging situations in order to guide and empower students.

Sensory Circuits

Students like to move – so do adults! This interactive session will expose participants to a variety of sensory activities, as well as allow each participant to create their own sensory circuit for use in their classroom.

Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Evaluation

This session will focus on practical and hands-on tools and techniques for assessing English language learners and culturally diverse students to determine special education eligibility and needs.

Supporting Student Engagement and Motivation

Participants will learn to create and maintain an environment of student engagement. We will explore theories of motivation and best practices on increasing student motivation in the classroom. Participants will leave with strategies to increase engagement and motivation for special education students.

Supporting Student Focus and Engagement

If you work with students who struggle to stay focused and engaged with their work, this session is for you! In this session, you will learn practical strategies for increasing the time your students spend on task and strategies that increase student interest and engagement.

Supporting Students with Academic Needs

In this session you will learn how to support students learning needs within the special education and general education settings.

Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors

So many of our students in special education are struggling with mental health and the challenging behaviors that accompany their disability. In this session, you will learn how to best support students struggling with a variety of behavioral challenges and how to support your own mental health in the process.

Supporting Students with Functional Needs

In this session you will learn how to support students with attention, organization, and work skills while building their independence. You will leave with ideas and tools to support IEP goals, foster student independence, and collaborate with general education teachers.


Participants will learn the answers to the most common questions surrounding the process of transition services for our students with disabilities. Topics will include: assessment, goals and objectives, services and a roadmap for the high school years.

Trauma Sensitive Practices

Schools are large systems that have many moving parts. Becoming trauma-informed requires more than just “adding a program,” it requires a shift in how we think and how we act in response to the events in a school day. In this session we will talk about the basics of trauma and the brain, as well as trauma-informed interventions for practical use in the classroom.

Using Positive Language to Keep Students in the Classroom

Are you frequently having students leave the classroom or be asked to leave due to disruptive behavior? This session will focus on proactively providing language to students that will assist you in keeping them in your classroom and learning for longer periods of time.

Using Visuals to Support Students

When educators use visuals, all students win! Come learn how visuals can improve learning and understanding for any student that you work with.

Working with Paraprofessionals

Creating and maintaining a successful paraprofessional program is often key to establishing positive school culture and effective instruction. In this session, you will learn strategies to build a strong program and guide paraprofessionals to best support students and teachers. The strategies learned will strengthen partnerships among educators and improve outcomes for students.

Workplace Wellness

Participants will learn about the impact of both positive negative climate in the workplace. Learn about personal responsibility in building a positive climate and leave with a plan for contributing to your schools positive climate and stress reduction strategies to start the school year.