Program Audit & Implementation


Are best practices being used in your special education instruction? Is student growth evident? Let us take a deep dive into the practices in your building surrounding instruction. Then, our special education coaches work with teachers to model, observe and provide feedback on effective, research-based instructional strategies for the specific makeup of the teacher’s classroom.


What does your team shine and where do they need more support in the area of compliance? The paperwork demands in special education can cause quick burnout. Let us help reduce the headache for your teachers with our due process coaching model. Teachers will learn the need-to-knows of due process, while also getting their paperwork completed – result? More efficient paperwork completion yields more time focused on direct time with students.


Programming for a Federal III setting is a challenge. We can bring clarity to the chaos through our consultation model for teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators. Whether in the beginning stages of developing the program or acknowledging the program could be running better, our team will support your team through modeling, observing, feedback and collaboration to build a successful program.


A Federal IV setting presents different obstacles and rewards than a traditional setting. Our team will complete a full building audit to help you develop and implement an action plan to address your building’s greatest needs to work toward exceptionally serving students.